Getting back into shape – and staying fit

As many people who know me IRL can attest, I’ve been hiking up and around Griffith Park nearly every day (avg. 6 days a week) for about the last two years now. I either go in the early morning or in the evening before they close the park trails.I generally take the fire roads up to Griffith Observatory, or go up the mountain to the very top. Every once in a while I get out to Runyon Canyon, although not so much lately. I like to take the hand weights and I’ve worked up to bringing along a pair of 15lb dumbbells up the mountain trails as I hike.

I’ve also just started using, well really been peer pressured into using it, but it’s working out to be pretty cool. I’ve never really been good at keeping track of calories and that sort of thing, but the tools offered on that site are pretty robust. They have a ton of different food products already entered into their searchable system, so I don’t have to guess or do the math in my head anyway. They crowd source the nutritional data, so if I can’t find it, I can just enter a new product and other people that consume the same thing can confirm the data I put in. So, it tracks daily intake as well as daily exercise.

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