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Latest Project Notes: Asana

Recently, one of my bigger projects has been the design and roll out of a collaborative blog post writer assignment system using Asana as it’s base. Asana has worked out to be a really great tool for coordinating project work among various remote team members, allowing a project manager to break tasks down to a work package level and either assign or tag tasks appropriately. We’ve been using the task tagging system to allocate work, rather than individual assignments to specific team members and the experience so far has been positive. The application allows fairly free form notes to be added to each work package, along with file uploads, deadline assignment, and easy prioritization. Asana is fairly open and free form, so we have found it necessary to produce a guide or manual outlining our own process and rules, as it relates to the goals of our overall projects. One item of note is that Asana does not have any sort of hierarchical authority built in, so anybody on the team has the power to assign, unassign, reprioritize, tag, and untag each work package, so it is important for the project manager to trust their team when it comes to their individual input. Asana certainly isn’t the most powerful collaborative Project Management tool out there, as it acts more like a well designed team based to-do list, but I have found it to be very useful so far for our needs.